Half a Game

What could be more appealing on the penultimate day of 2016 than a visit to Yeovil and Huish Park? Go and see my beloved Portsmouth on the road in some SkyBet League 2 action on a cold December evening, sounds ideal.

I attend most Pompey games with my Stepdad and we’ve got a preference of away games, so as I was back in Portsmouth for Christmas this seemed like perfect timing for another trip. We’ve got a nice little routine in place now, eventually find the ground, find a nearby pub sink a few pints, go watch the game, have a post match curry and debrief of the game and then head back to Portsmouth.

We had been to the glamorous Huish Park a few seasons back in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, now known as the Check-a-Trade Trophy, and that’s a whole different post. So we knew the set up, well ish.

Yeovil’s ground is kinda old school the ends behind each goal are terracing however the location is like most modern stadiums and on the outskirts near a new housing estate. This means that instead of a pub being next to the ground you have to weave through a thousand cul de sacs to get to a generic pub which if you could walk to down straight roads would take half the time to get to.

Pompey had sold over 2,000 tickets which meant we had one of the terraces, Radio Cabs Stand, behind the goal and some seats in the East Stand. We had terrace tickets so we found a decent view point and waited for the game to start, however something was up.

On the drive along to Yeovil fog had been an issue sporadically but I had kept up to date on the Twitter page’s of each club along the way and the game seemed to be going ahead, but as kick off approached it closed in and we were starting to lose visibility. It wasn’t long before we could barely see beyond the half way line, which was problematic as we were shooting toward the other end the first half.

This brought a little frustration to the travelling blues, but as always good humour. Chants came out, like ‘i can’t see a fucking thing’ and’let’s pretend we scored a goal’ As the ref blew for half time I think most fans thought it was going to be called off, but somehow the whole 90 minutes were played when we could only see half a game. The game finished 0-0 so we really didn’t miss much, but it would have been nice to actually see a game rather than a poorly edited highlights show. I’ve been at a few stadiums where the vantage point maybe wasn’t the greatest, but this really was the worse, however the post match curry was decent so all was not lost.




First blog post formalities

Ok, lets get into this get all the introductions out the way so I can get on with posting, what I hope to be, some decent content.

I am a Portsmouth fan, support your local team!

I am now based in London, and I am hoping to go see my local non league team as part of this blog

Yes I am girl, now this isn’t going to be the focus of the blog because it’s not a gimmick, although I would like a female football blogger to get some respected coverage but┬áthat certainly doesn’t have to be mine.

I’ve found inspiration from a variety of YouTubers and bloggers, and as my readership of this kind of football content grew as did my thinking that maybe I could try and create content for others to read/view. This blog as result could be a play and a miss, or an elegant cover drive, yea I also love cricket, which is also 11 v 11….. ok its WAY too early for a spin off.

Right that’ll do for now, the only other way to find out about me is to read this blog, sorry about that.