First blog post formalities

Ok, lets get into this get all the introductions out the way so I can get on with posting, what I hope to be, some decent content.

I am a Portsmouth fan, support your local team!

I am now based in London, and I am hoping to go see my local non league team as part of this blog

Yes I am girl, now this isn’t going to be the focus of the blog because it’s not a gimmick, although I would like a female football blogger to get some respected coverage but┬áthat certainly doesn’t have to be mine.

I’ve found inspiration from a variety of YouTubers and bloggers, and as my readership of this kind of football content grew as did my thinking that maybe I could try and create content for others to read/view. This blog as result could be a play and a miss, or an elegant cover drive, yea I also love cricket, which is also 11 v 11….. ok its WAY too early for a spin off.

Right that’ll do for now, the only other way to find out about me is to read this blog, sorry about that.




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